About Exploiter Report

The Exploiter Report App is a service managed by youthSpark, and is designed to help Georgia citizens report suspected “johns” and buyers to law enforcement, as well as suspected “pimps” and traffickers.

If there is an emergency you should call 911 immediately. Making a report on this app does not replace the need to report criminal activity directly to the police.

Why is an app like this important? Because tips help law enforcement know where to focus stings and undercover operations—which are the best ways to arrest exploiters. youthSpark will forward all tips submitted through the Exploiter Report App directly to an appropriate law enforcement officer or agency, and will also map results at the aggregate level to better inform local leaders.

This app was inspired by Reportjohn.org, developed by our friends and colleagues in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. We are grateful for their leadership!